Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to my new blog

Meet Elliot and Fraser my Guineapigs


  1. Hi Sis,
    Wow love your new blog!!!

  2. Is that chocolate you are feeding them, those yummy brown things?

  3. Hi Hannah,

    love the green! Very cool babe.

  4. what adventures have milo and otis been having today?

  5. are they still alive? i was expecting the blog to be like the secrect diaries of adrian mole - your sister may of read that book?

  6. poor things, no life, no love, no blog, no adventure

  7. Hi Hannah,
    Got to your blog by following a link on Jessica's. My daughters love guinea pigs, so I shall bookmark your blog and show them the photo.

    Will you be posting stories about your guinea pigs or are you going to make this a photo blog?

  8. Hello Hannah!

    Elliot and Fraser are so cute! My cat Natasha says she would like them both over for a play date. She promises that they will be safe in her paws. (Natasha is a cat but very honest.)

    Please send Elliot and Frasier asap. Don't tell them about Natasha. (She wants it to be a surprise.)



  9. Go for it lass, we all wish you good sailing and fair winds.
    I shall watch your progress with great interest.

  10. Hi Hannah
    I have 16 adorable guinea Pigs, and My Patchie Girl is going to have her first babies in about 4 weeks time. Ive had several girls have babies and never had any troubles. The babies are always adorable and some i keep or they go to excellent Their favorite food is fresh grass but i do give them a good assortment of fresh fruit and vegies and of course mixed grains. Dougal is my main boy. He is an agouti silkie breed with long long long of work to care for. Anyway i hope you keep your reading your sisters as she travels around the world, but would love to hear all about your guineas

    Deb and the guineas

  11. Hey Hannah....check out my blog ( got me

    My girl is going to have Babies

  12. Hi Hannah,

    I just saw your Link on Jessica's Blog. your Sister is Wonderful. your are lucky to have her as a Sister, she is So Brave and it looks like she is having So Much Fun. I have Inserted a Comment below which I originally Posted on DEB'S BLOG. I found her Blog accidentally, but I was lucky to find Your Blog by Viewing Jesse's Blog.

    I have told Jesse in Blog Comments that I am Going to try to Contact people around the world and see is I can get them to take Some Photos of her as she sails past. I don't know if I'll have any luck with this, but I'm going to try. I can't wait until Jesse gets the Tracking System Up & Running on Her Blog.

    When you are talking to Jesse, could you please tell her that I'll let her know if I manage to Contact anyone who can get some Photos as she sails past their area. I've already mentioned this in one of one of My Comments on her Blog; but I know she is really busy, and there's a chance that she may not see it. Anyway, read the story below.

    Hey !! ... I used to Breed Guinea Pigs too: I love them. I started with 3 (2 males and 1 female), and had at least 11 or 12 at one stage. Over the time that I kept them, I had at least 16 or 17 in total. ALPHA & BETA were my 2 originals (I actually purchased them as Pair to Start Breeding - Alpha was the Male: Unfortuneately ...LOL... Beta, who was suppose to be Female, turned out to be a Male also); which lead me to Purchasing My Third one (I made sure it was a Female), who I Named BETA-F (F for Female) ..... I didn't have the heart to change the name of the First Beta .... because they were 'The First Two', as in ALPHA & BETA in the Greek Alphabet (No I'm not Greek). I later purchased another Female who I named CHRISTA.

    I Made up Names from the Letters of the Alphabet. The names of those that I Bred, which I can Remember, were (In Order Of Birth - that is at least Litters - I named each of the litter from each name for that litter by the colour or characteristics of each one): CASPER (M), DELTA (F), DEXTER (M), FESTER (M), HESTER (F), LESTER (M), JESTER (M), JASPER (M) ... A Viscous Little Blighter He Was ...LOL..., (Sometime during this time I purchased An Adult Male and named him CELTA - He was A Bit of a Rogue, but I calmed him down and he became my Best Male Breeder), VESNA (F), ZELDA (F). Over time, I lost them one by one (mostly from a Disease that was going around at that time). Besides ALPHA & BETA and BETA-F, my Favourites were CELTA and CHRISTA.

    I'll tell you more about them another time Debs. It's about 3:30am here now, and I should get some sleep.

    I haven't got My Profile Fully Set Up yet, but when it is, I hope You & Jesse will feel free to Comment on it. I would love to here from Jesse personally (on my Blog). I haven't met her, but I've been following her Blog Reports and feel like I've known her for years. She is An Inspiration !!! ... You Must Be VERY PROUD Of Her !!! ..... Tell Her AUSTRALIA LOVES HER !!!

    Bye for now Hannah,


  13. Nov. 13/2009 11:30pm

    Hi Hannah

    I see no one has posted on your Blog recently, and we cant let your sister get all the attention ha ha.. so I thought I would see what your Blog is all about and say Hi!

    Elliot and Fraser are some fine looking friends you have there. Do you have any dogs or cats. I have a black lab his name is pud and he is my best friend. Sorry I'm not much of a blogger, I have never talked on these things until I found Jessica site so I don't know what much to say. I stared a blog too but its not very good. I don't know how to use it and how to add things to it. Your blog looks better then my blog LOL.

    I can tell you where I live in Canada, winter is moving in very fast on us and its starting to get cold, -15c tonight. It sure would be nice to live in a place like you live in. I love the heat ☺ ☺

    Do you like sailing too. Maybe you can let us know some of your hobbies or put up some pictures of things you like to do.

    Well I better go for now and maybe I will stop by again some time.

    Be good play safe!


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  15. Hi Hannah,

    I found your blog as I have been following your sister, Jessica's blog every day.

    It's great that you have set up a Blog, and you have done such an awesome job. I love the photos of Elliot and Fraser, they are very cute.

    I have three children aged 17, 15 and 11 and we live in Auckland, New Zealand. I know you would have been to New Zealand before because your grandparents live here.

    When I was little I had two white guinea pigs. They had babies which were very tiny and cute. I was a little bit slack though at cleaning them out and I can remember my lovely Mum helping my sister and I out on a number of occasions. I bet you are great at looking after Fraser and Elliot.

    Their home looks great. Did you have help building it?

    I guess you are keeping a close eye on Jessica's progress. Isn't she doing well!

    Well, I must sign off now. Thought you would like another person to add a comment on your Blog and let you know that you have done a great job setting it us.

    Take care. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

  16. Hi Hannah,
    How are you and how are your cute little pets ? ..... Isn't Jessica doing well !!?!! ... You all must be So Proud of her !!!

    I love reading her Blog and Tracking Her & Pink Lady on her Website.

    Anyway ... Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year to You and Your Family.


  17. Hi Hannah,
    You must be SO PROUD of JESSICA ... :) ... She Is MARVELLOUS . . . . . :) .. Please pass on This Message to her for me. I know that this way she'll get it, because she has so much to read on Her Blog. I have posted it on Her Blof and The Official Facebook page.

    Thanks Hannah
    (The Message Is Below)


    WELCOME HOME JESSICA ... !!!!!! ..... I said in my At The End of Each Of my BLOG COMMENTS . . .
    "You CAN And WILL Do It JESSICA WATSON !!! "
    ... ans I told you
    " Have A SAFE And HAPPY Trip, But Most Of All HAVE FUN !!! "

    . . . . . CONGRATULATIONS Jess .... You Did It All !!! ...
    You Are DEFINATELEY NOT Just A Schoolgirl .... You A A SAILOR GIRL !!!
    America has The AMERICA'S CUP . . . . . But AUSTRALIA Has JESSICA WATSON !!!!! ...



  18. P.S.: .... Hannah, how are your beautifull little Guinea Pigs.

    Show Jessica DEBS BLOGS . . . . . DEBS named her 3 baby Guinea Pigs JESSICA, HANNAH and ELLA, after JESSICA and YOU and ELLA's PINK LADY. It was My Idea to name them after you three :)

    She's got more on the way I think.