Monday, October 26, 2009

getting 2 mor pigs soon

Hi all, I'm sorry I haven't updated the blog fore a while. I'm allowed to get 2 more baby girl pigs soon. The hermit crabs are good apart from 1 who malted and died.


  1. Hey Hannah

    Great to see you here Blogging.

    Thats great that you can get 2 more Guinea's. 2 of my babies are going to their new home this afternoon. They are 8 weeks old now, so ive been lucky to have been able to keep them 2 weeks longer than normal. My Mummy girl ( friskie) is being allowed to keep 2 of her babies, so i know she will like that.
    Patch is doing really well in her pregnancy and before long ill have more little ones to care

    I used to have Hermit crabs....they are cute little creatures. I had a very unfortunate accident with one of mine and swore ide never get them again as i cant be

    I had Hermie out for a walk one day....he enjoying walking across my polished floor boards....anyway, i forgot he was out and was walking thru the room, didnt see him and i hit him with my foot and he went flying thru the air....i was devestated, he hit the wall....the stress must have been too much for him cos he died. Ide had him quite a while too. It was sad he died, but worse that i had caused it. If i ever get hermies again.....ill never let them out for walks. Look after your glad you came back...i luv all animals and would like to hear more about yours.

    Ive started blogging since you got me interested in hopefully soon i can put in my blog that my girl had her babies ( will probably be a couple of weeks i think).

    Keep blogging, share your animals antics, catch you soon

    Deb and the Guinea's

  2. have you picked out names for your new babies yet? princess pink & zippy ? upload a photo of them and ask people who read the blog to suggest names?

  3. Hi Debs,

    hey ... how 'bout if there's 2 girls you call Them HANNAH and JESSICA ...After You Know Who and her Sister. If there's a Third Girl, you could call her ELLA.


  4. Hi Hannah,

    How about you call You New baby guinea's JESSICA and ELLA.


  5. Thats a great Idea NM

    Its looking like i have three new girls....and Hannah, Jessica and Ella are three great names.

    Ill see if the names suit them....Smile

    Well none of them are Pink like we will see

    Depending on if they are all girls of course...Smile