Saturday, November 14, 2009

We have started building the new cage.there birth day is on the 20Th I hope we have it done by then!they love to get into my veg garden


  1. "WoW" its a Guineapigs dream come true ☺
    It looks very nice Hannah and I see you have put a lot of work into it.

    Are you going to name there home? You could call it Guine-City. Looks like you made room for any new additions to the family too ha ha ha.

    Those have got to be the happiest Guineapigs I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of Guineapigs in my time ☺ ☺....

    Say Hi! to Elliot & Fraser for us.
    P/S; how are the Hermits doing I don't see any pict's of them, are they camera shy.

    Play safe

  2. Hi Hanna ☺
    Sat.Nov.21/9:30am Temp -5c snowing.

    So you must have had a very happy day the other day with your sister crossing the equator. So how did you celebrate it, did you celebrate it with Elliot & Fraser.

    I hear on the news its very hot there +45c man thats hot, and this is only your spring is'n it. I hope you guys don't burn up to bad over there.

    Well I just stop by to say Hi and to put something in your Blog.


  3. Hi Hannah,

    " HAPPY NEW YEAR " ... To All Your Family. Isn't Jessica Doing GREAT !! ..... You must All be VERY PROUD of Her; and you must be Proud to be her Sister.

    How are Your Beautiful Guinea Pig's ? ... I Love their New Home. Just make sure that you that you have Mesh on the Bottom of the whole cage or pen, so that they can't Burrow Out (they love digging), and so that nothing (such as Dogs and Snakes or Rats) can burrow under the walls and get in. The best thing to use is Wire Mesh about 10mm Squares but no bigger, because Snakes can get through it: Don't use Sparrow Netting, it's too big). Also, Hannah, make sure that you put a Cover or Roof over the whole thing; because Magpies and Crows will attack the babies (and also the Adults). This also applies to a Pen with an Open Yard that they can run around in. Dog's and cats will attack them too.

    Make sure that you DO NOT Use TREATED TIMBER because it Contains Arsonic, which can Kill Them. if you Paint anything, make sure that the Paint is Suitable for use on Childres toys and Things .... because the guinea pigs will chew it.

    Also Hannah, don't let them Eat Grass off the nature Strip/Footpath because it is Contaminated with Carbon Monoxide (Car & Truck Exhaust) and also from Dog's Weeing and Pooing on the grass; and from Poisons that might be sprayed by Council Workers to Poison the Weeds: It Won't help to wash it because the Poisons and Toxins Soak Into the lawn and Soil and the Lawn Grass gets Contaminated.

    Also Hannah, DO NOT Feed them POTATO PEELINGS ..... They are Poisonous to them.

    If you want to know anything about Guinea pigs, feel free to ask me.


  4. Hey Hannah !!! . . . Take a look at DEBS BLOG ...
    Click on The LINK Below or Copy & Paste It so you go straight to the Blog Page; She named her 3 babies after You and Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady; just like I Suggested.

  5. Hi Hannah,
    I watched JESSICA'S HOMECOMING All Day on Saturday 15th and Ive been watching All The Interviews and TV Appearances since then. My Parents have been going to buy a 106cm FULL HD LCD Television for the past couple of months: So on Friday 14th, we took them out and bought one so that we could watch JESSICA on ONE HD. It was Certainly Worth it :) !!!!! I can't wait for Her Book and Documentary. Anyway, the main reason for this message is to wish JESSICA A VERY HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY ..... Would You Pass this on to her please ..... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!! ... :) ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!! ... :) ... HAAAPPPPYYYYYY BIIIIIRRRRTTTHHDAY TO JEESSSSSIIIICCCCCAAAAAA !!! ... :) ... HAAAPPPPYYY BIIIRRRRTTHHHDAAAYYYY TOOO YOOOUUUU !!! " ... :) ... " HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY SAILOR GIRL !!! " ... :) ............... From: " YOU CAN DO IT JESSICA WATSON !!! " ... (BLOGGER DISPLAY/Nickname) ......... NM ... xx